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Babies bring so much joy to our lives. But along with happiness, most likely, also come sleepless nights and chaotic days. During this crazy but wonderful time, organization and routine are important. Stay on top of everything and develop consistency with our Baby Feeding Schedule Template. The tiniest member of your family will appreciate it!

Template Contents

Below is a list of worksheets included in this template.

Baby Feeding V1
A 24-hour schedule in 30-minute intervals with columns for tracking your baby's sleep, feeding, and diaper changes (with a space for notes). This worksheet is in portrait orientation.

Baby Feeding V2 Portrait
A 24-hour schedule in 15-minute intervals with 2 sets of columns for tracking your baby's sleep, feeding, and diaper changes (with a space for notes). This worksheet is in portrait orientation.

Baby Feeding V2 Landscape
A 24-hour schedule in 15-minute intervals with 2 sets of columns for tracking your baby's sleep, feeding, and diaper changes (with a space for notes). This worksheet is in landscape orientation.

Using the Template

Personalize and Print

The first row in each worksheet has the standard title "BABY FEEDING SCHEDULE," but personalizing it is easy! Simply add your baby's name by clicking inside the first row to type. Include a date below for future reference. If there are multiple caretakers, such as grandparents and babysitters – they may use the PIC (Person in Charge) category to put their own name down.

baby feeding change title

If you prefer to write your schedule by hand, the old-fashioned way, just hit print – our worksheets are already set up to fit on one page for printing.

Check the Box

People (at least, people like me!) love their spreadsheets, even if it means balancing a baby in one hand and a laptop in the other. If you prefer to manage your baby feeding schedule in Excel and track it as the day progresses, you can insert a checkbox for each time interval and check the boxes that correspond with times and activities.

baby feeding insert checkbox

To Insert a checkbox, go to the "File" menu and select "Options." Then, select "Customize Ribbon" and check the "Developer" checkbox under "Main Tabs." This will add the Developer menu to allow you to insert a checkbox. Once the Developer menu has been activated, select "Insert" and choose checkbox. (If you prefer a radio button instead, that is also an option).


Once you've inserted one checkbox, you don't have to keep inserting checkboxes for all other intervals. Simply copy (Ctrl+C) the cell with the 1st checkbox, highlight all other cells you'd like to have a checkbox, and paste (Ctrl+V). To check or uncheck the box, just click on the box.

To view a how-to example, see this screen recording:

Track With Color

An easy way to track your baby's schedule in Excel is to color code sleep, feeding, and diaper changes during the time intervals these activities occur.

baby feeding track color

To fill cells with color, go to the "Home" menu and use the "Fill Color" tool to select a color.

baby feeding fill color

Historical Records and New Schedules

When the pediatrician asks you 100 questions on your next visit, you'll have your answers ready thanks to your baby feeding schedule! To track how your baby's activities change over time, just save all previous feeding schedules in the same file. Simply add a new worksheet for each day of activity, or add a new page in an existing worksheet.

There are 2 different ways to do this.

Option 1: Create a new worksheet for each new schedule.

Right-click on your preferred worksheet schedule and select "Move or Copy," check the box for "Create a copy," and click "OK."

baby feeding create copy

Finally, click on the new worksheet and rename it as you'd like.

baby feeding rename sheet

Note: The benefit of creating new worksheets is that you won't have to scroll down or across many days of previous schedules.

Option 2: Add a new page in an existing worksheet for each new schedule.

If, for example, you'd like to organize your scheduling data by week or by month, it makes sense to add a new page in an existing worksheet (and label that worksheet with the current week or month).

First, make sure you are in "Page-Layout" view.

page layout view

Highlight the schedule table and copy it (Ctrl+V). Next, scroll down or across and paste the schedule table on the new page. Finally, update the date at the top of the schedule to reflect the new day.

baby feeding paste schedule

Note: When pasting the daily schedule onto a new page in the same worksheet, the page may combine with the previous page. To fix this, insert a "Page Break" to separate the pages.

baby feeding page break

Freeze Panes

If you are managing your baby's feeding schedule in Excel, it can be a bit cumbersome to have the top row (Sleep, Feeding, Diapers) disappear as you scroll down to a later time in the day. To avoid this issue, you can freeze the top row so that it remains on your screen no matter how far down you scroll.

baby feeding freeze panes

Note: To freeze panes you must be in either "Normal" or "Page Break" view, not "Page Layout" view.

Next, click into the cell below the top row with dates, and go to the "View" menu. Select "Freeze Panes" and select the 1st Freeze Panes option.

To view a how-to example, see this short tutorial:


Change Color Scheme

If you've decorated your baby's room, chances are you'll want to decorate your baby's feeding schedule spreadsheet too! If you'd like to add some color, highlight all relevant cells and use the "Fill Color" tool to change the background color. To change text color, repeat these steps, but use the "Font Color" tool.

To view a how-to example, see this short video:

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