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This is a simple pay stub slip in Excel with general format you may use for your purposes. If you are small business owners where you are running your business with a small number of employees, you might find this useful since you can modify it to meet your own needs. Or, if you are a Human Resources Manager, you may need this as reference to generate your own format. The main benefit of having this form in Excel over Word is you don't have to calculate the salary manually. You just need to put correct excel function to calculate the data.

You will need Microsoft Excel to edit this template. You can get it as part of "Office 365" from Microsoft's site right here.

Pay stub (also known as Salary Slip, Pay Slip, and Paycheck Stub - these all mean the same thing) is used as payment proof where employees might need it for:

  • home or car loan application
  • credit card application
  • tax attachment
  • insurance application

That's why you must put some important information into pay stub form instead of just salary amount to make sure your employee's application pass the administrative requirement.

Also, if you are an employee, you may simulate your salary including its allowance to calculate the amount you need on a new company. Or, to calculate how much raise you want to have in current company after yearly company appraisal.

Pay Stub Template Format

In this model, you can add name, employee ID, title, directorate and department below salary slip title. Then you can type salary description as well as their values in the table below it. Earnings column is at the middle table, between description and deductions columns. Deductions column is at the right side. Net salary will be calculated automatically. There is an automatic amount to words converter that will convert its nominal value into words.

Salary Slip Template

You must fill required information manually, except the amount in words part. You may create your own employee database table with their salary details if you want to print it regularly as well as keeping your employee's monthly salary record. Then you can group either employee's name or ID as reference to pull their data. Use Data Validation function put in name/employee ID to select respective employees. And then, use  VLOOKUP formula to pull particular employee into salary slip form based on that selection. You can see one sample of employee database in picture below.

Employee Salary Database Sample

You can modify its layout, add more rows and columns, modify its titles to meet your own requirements. Don't forget to put your company logo. And depends on your company's policy, you can add signature box at the bottom in this salary slip form. Or, you can add one line note to inform that the salary slip is valid without signature.

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Paystub Excel Template

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