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Logarithmic graph paper is useful for creating charts with rapidly increasing or decreasing X-axis or Y-axis values. In other words - a logarithmic graph allows you to fit really large numbers on a chart. This template contains semi-logarithmic graph paper in landscape and portrait orientation, as well as a ready-to-use table, which allows you to enter your values and instantly plot them on a Log chart in Excel.

Template Contents

Here is a list of worksheets included in this template.

Log Graph Portrait

5-cycle, semi-logarithmic graph paper in portrait orientation.

Log Graph Landscape

6-cycle, semi-logarithmic graph paper in landscape orientation.

Note: Semi-logarithmic graph paper refers to a grid where one axis is plotted using a logarithmic scale and the other axis uses a linear scale.

Log Chart with Values

A ready-to-use logarithmic chart with options to enter up to 11 values for each axis, to be plotted on a chart using the “Log” function.

Using the Template

Personalize and Print

Add a personal touch! Each worksheet has a built-in header. Use the header to include information, such as name, title, and date.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Personalize

The worksheets labeled “Log Graph Portrait” and Log Graph Landscape” are semi-logarithmic graph paper templates that are more useful for creating charts by hand, outside of Excel. Go ahead and hit print - each tab is configured to print in its appropriate orientation type.

Plotting Graphs By Hand

Once you have the semi-logarithmic graph paper printed, additional labels can be added by hand (example below). In this example, we use the semi-logarithmic graph paper to plot the exponentially growing human population and future population projection. The semi-logarithmic graph is useful for this type of chart because the human population values are rapidly increasing, while the number of years is linear, increasing at the same interval.

Example. Human population and future projection (in Millions) from 1800 - 2080

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Population Example

Population data courtesy of lumenlearning.com

Working in Excel

Semi-Logarithmic Graphs

As mentioned, the two Log Graph worksheets in this template are best used as printouts for graphing by hand, but working in Excel in also an option. For example, our Log Graph worksheets have an exponentially labeled (logarithmic) X-axis, at x10 scale for each space moved to the right, and a linear Y-axis scale.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Semi-Logarithmic

To label the linear axis (Y-axis), insert a line to the left of the graph and label numerically by typing number values into each cell along the axis.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Semi-Logarithmic Label

You may also choose to plot a simple chart in Excel by inserting lines and plot points.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Plot

To insert linear objects, select “Illustrations”, and then select “Shapes”, under the “Insert” menu. In the example above, we use a curve line from the “Lines” category.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Shapes

Excel Log Chart

This ready-to-use Log Chart makes your life a lot easier. Simply enter up to 11 values for each axis into the table below. Your values can be as big as you want because built-in log function will take those values, condense them into manageable numbers, and plot them out on a log scale.

Note: The reason for using a log scale is so that large ranges of data can still be shown by extrapolating that data as log values to illustrate the same concept or trend.

Example. Input values into the table, which are then converted into a log of those values. In this example, some of the values entered are too large to appear in a single cell.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Chart

The values entered are instantly plotted on a Log scale chart, using a line curve to illustrate this particular example.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Curve


Add Some Color (Log Graphs)

Background graph paper color can be jazzed up just the way you like it. To modify graph paper background, select the area and use the “Fill Color” option, under the “Home” menu to charge the color of the grid.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Theme Colors

Grid line color can also be changed by using the border tool. Click on “All Borders” and then select “Line Color” to change the color of the gridlines.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Line Color

Add Some Color (Excel Log Chart)

The Excel Log Chart, though not a graph paper, may also be modified to your liking. For example, Right-click on the log chart and select”Format Plot Area” to change line color (Border), chart background (Fill), and other chart features.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Format Plot


In addition to changing the color of your chart, you may also want to add “Chart Title”, as well as title the X-axis and Y-axis.

To add axis titles, go to the “Design” menu and select “Add Chart Element”. Next, select “Axis Titles” (horizontal and/or vertical). A textbox will appear along the axis - click on the textbox to type in axis title. To add a chart title, repeat the same steps and select “Chart Title” under the “Add Chart Element” dropdown menu.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Add Chart

Display Units

If you know that the log value of your data will be large for both axes, you will need to expand the X-axis base display units in this chart. To do this, go to the “Design” menu and select “Add Chart Element”. Next, select “Axes”, “More Axis Options”.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Axis Options

Enter a new value for “Base” units to expand the X-axis to the largest anticipated log value. In this view, you also have the option to switch to a linear scale by de-selecting the “Logarithmic scale” checkbox.

Logarithmic Graph Paper Template Format Axis

We hope this article was helpful.

If you have suggestions or comments about your user experience, let us know!

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