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Engineering graph paper is used to help professionals, such as engineers and architects, to draft out their ideas and mathematical equations using the gridlines as a guide. The worksheets in this template provide engineering graph paper at 3 different scales - 0.25”, 0.2”, and 0.1”.

Template Contents

0.25 Inch

Engineering graph paper with green grid lines at 0.25 inch scale (within 1 inch scale grid) in portrait orientation.

0.2 Inch

Engineering graph paper with green grid lines at 0.2 inch scale (within 1 inch scale grid) in portrait orientation.

0.1 Inch

Engineering graph paper with green grid lines at 0.1 inch scale (within 1 inch scale grid) in portrait orientation.

Using The Template

Personalize and Print

Add a personal touch! Each worksheet has a built-in header. Use the header to include information, such as name, title, and date.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Personalize

If you prefer to draw by hand, just hit print - each tab is configured to print in its appropriate orientation type.

Working in Excel

Design a Floor Plan

You can create a building design or floor plan with ease by using the smaller (.2 inch) grid and larger 1 inch grid to draw your design to scale in Excel.

Example. A ranch-style floor plan drafted at 1 inch : 40 foot scale.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Scale

To create a similar floor plan - first, have an idea of the dimensions of the structure you’d like to design and list a scale-to-size somewhere on the drawing. Next, use “Fill Color” tool to color code each room in the building.

Highlight a specific area. Then, go to “Home” menu and select the “Fill Color” icon to choose a color.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Fill Color

Next, label the area by inserting a text box into the colored area, defined as a “room”.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Shapes

The new textbox will have a white background and a frame. To eliminate or change background color and lines, right click on the textbox and click “Format Shape” to change textbox format.

Engineering Graph Paper Template FormatEngineering Graph Paper Template Shape Format












Repeat this process for other rooms to continue with the design. Have fun!

Create Landscape Architecture Plans

You can use the engineering graph paper in Excel to design a landscape architecture plan for a backyard nature oasis!

Engineering Graph Paper Template Backyard

To create a similar landscape plan - first, measure your outdoor spaces and include a scale-to-size somewhere on the drawing. In the example above, a .1 inch square on the grid is equal to 1 actual foot in your nature oasis.

Next, highlight a specific area. Then, go to “Home” menu and select the “Fill Color” icon to choose a color.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Fill Color

Continue to draw spaces, such as rock walls, staircases, grass fields, ponds, and other areas using the “Fill Color” tool.

Next, create labels with lines and textboxes by choosing the “Insert” menu and selecting “Illustrations”, then “Shapes” to find lines, text boxes, circles, and anything else useful for your drawing.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Insert Shapes

To create a pond feature, choose the “Chord” shape under “Basic Shapes” - this will allow you to modify the shape into a half-circle by dragging the edges of the shape.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Pool

Icons like trees can be found under the “Insert” menu. Select “Illustration”, and then “Icons” to find your icon.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Icons

The possibilities are endless. We hope that these ideas have inspired you to do some drawing using the engineering graph paper template!

Create Basic Charts

Plot points and linear objects can be inserted into the graph paper to help with plots and drawings. To use linear objects, select “Illustrations”, and then select “Shapes”, under the “Insert” menu. This gives you the option to include a line or a shape with greater precision by using the graph.

Example. Insert linear objects and shapes.

Insert Linear Objects Shapes

For geometric or algebraic requirements, plot out a graph by drawing an X-axis and Y-axis (Home menu, “draw border”) and then number them. Points can also be plotted out by using “Basic Shapes” as points. That smiley face is calling your name!

Example. Insert linear objects and shapes for geometry or algebra.

Cartesian Grid Paper Template Linear


Modify Grid Scale

The largest grid scale option in the engineering graph paper template is .25”. But what if you need to work at a .5” scale? You can!

Option A: Use the ruler guideline to modify the grid scale. First, check to ensure that you are in “Page Layout” view.

Example. Page Layout View

page layout view

The “Ruler” tool should be displayed automatically in Page Layout view (it can also be activated by checking the ruler box, found under the “View” menu). Now, you can see the scale of the cell, as it is being modified when dragged. Click the triangle in the top left corner to highlight all cells and modify as needed.

Example. Customize grid scale by dragging cells

Engineering Graph Paper Template Dragging

Option B: If you are not a fan of the dragging method, fear not; there is another way to modify the grid scale! Select the entire area, right click on any row and select “Column Width”. This allows you to manually enter the new scale requirement. Then, modify the “Row Height” to create a perfect square by repeating this step on rows.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Column Width

Engineering Graph Paper Template Width

Engineering Graph Paper Template Height

Note: By increasing the grid scale from .25” to .5”, the issue becomes - the original 1” square border line grid is now 2”. You may choose to continue to work with the 2” square border lines or draw additional lines to reclaim 1” square border lines.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Square Border

Modify Grid Units

Want to draw to scale using the metric system, instead of the imperial system? You can modify the units originally displayed in this grid template by switching from inches to centimeters (or to millimeters). To do this – go to the “File” menu and select “Options”. Next, select “Advanced” and scroll down to the “Display” settings. Finally, select the appropriate unit (e.g. Centimeters) from the “Ruler Units” dropdown menu. This will now allow you to modify grid scale in the newly selected unit of measure. To do modify scale, see above section “Modify Grid Scale”.

Example. Excel Options, Advanced menu to switch grid units.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Units

Add Some Color

Grid lines and graph paper color can be jazzed up just the way you like it. To modify graph paper background, select the area and use the “Fill Color” option, under the “Home” menu to charge the color of the grid. Grid lines can be altered by selecting your preferred “Line Color” and “Line Style”, also under the “Home” menu.

Note: We recommend changing the grid paper background first; to avoid redoing any existing drawings, which may include other colors.

Example. Customizing background color and grid lines.

Engineering Graph Paper Template Colors

We hope this article was helpful.

If you have suggestions or comments about your user experience, let us know!

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