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Fernando Alonso have succeeded to become the first driver who lift the race trophy twice after 8 races by winning the Europe race in Valencia, Spain. It wasn't easy for him to start from 11th position to become a winner in this 2012 season where almost all teams and drivers are having the same chance to become the race winner.

There were 7 different winners and 7 different fastest-lap drivers after 8 races. With those results, it won't be easy to predict 2012 F1 Champion, and the next 12 races should entertain us more.

Following my football pool template, I have created a pool template for Formula-1 race. And with unpredictable winners on every races, it will be challenging to predict upcoming races results. I think it isn't too late to start the pool, since there will be 12 more races to go.

There are two big parts in this spreadsheet, F1 part and Pool part. To use the F1 part, you can follow the guidance in my previous F1 spreadsheet here, and to use the Pool part, you can follow the guidance below :

Pool Setup
Set your player name here. Prevent the same name to be typed in this column, cause it will give you an #N/A error in player leaderboard worksheet. This version can accommodate until 100 players.

The point will be given if you predicted correctly the pole sitter, podium finishers and fastest lap drivers as follows:

  1. 25 points - Pole Sitter
  2. 25 points - Winner
  3. 18 points - Runner Up
  4. 15 points - 3rd Podium
  5. 18 points - Fastest Lap

You can change the above points based on your preference. And you can start the game after you finished typing your player's names.

Player Scoreboard
This is a worksheet where you can see all player's points with the same order with pool setup order.

Player Leaderboard
This is a worksheet where you can see the rank of all players based on their earning points.

Individual Scoreboard
This is a place where you can put your player's prediction. Select your drivers at corresponding cells to predict all 5 prediction categories. When your prediction is the same with the race result, your prediction text color will turn into blue and you will see your points at the right side of the table.

Updating race result:
You can follow the guidance in my previous F1 post, or just tap the race name on the left side of every worksheets and start typing the race result from 1st position until 10th position, pole position and fastest lap driver. All player's points will be adjusted automatically after you finished typing the results.

You can download the file below. Let me know if there is some bugs or you have other ideas about extending this pool rule, so I will adjust it for Formula 1 season.

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