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I planned to publish this Invoice Creator template last year. But, several projects have delayed the completion of this excel template.  I used different approach on creating this template compared with other excel invoice templates you might find in other places. But, it is still following the main concept of an invoice, as a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the services, products, quantities, and agreed prices. It consists of a payment term and due date as agreed by both parties. Big companies usually have their own financial/accounting softwares where producing invoices are parts of their software abilities. So, if you are representing a big company, I think this template is not the correct one for you.

Invoice Creator Template for Excel

This invoice template will be useful for you who manage invoices manually by using Microsoft Excel or Word and needs additional tool to help you cutting your time on using those Office Suites. And also, you can customize this template easily to suit your business needs. Several type of businesses that could use this invoice creator are consultant business that offers hourly service to their customers, like IT related/programming consultant and law consultant, baby sitter services, private or public courses, freelance services, plumbing services, car repair services, photography services and many more.

As usual, it is created without VBA codes/macros at all that will make this template can be transferred and opened easily among different Microsoft Excel version and computer Operating System without any compatibility issues. Nevertheless, there are still some drawbacks of not using Macros. The filesize is becoming very big, and it requires a fast computer processor to process all calculation inside. To compensate that, I created 3 different templates (Pro version) where you can choose based on your computer specification.

You can download the demo version below to understand more about this template. There are four big parts in this creator where you will spend most of your time managing your invoices. You can follow steps below on using this invoice template.

1. Setup Worksheet

  • Put your company information here (this company information will be shown at the bottom of each invoice (optional), or you can write your own company information in each invoice footer.
  • Put your bank information. Your bank information will be available as a selection list in invoice panel.
  • Invoice – Customer Information Line : There are 15 lines that you can choose and type any information regarding your customer. And you can select which information that will be show in your printed invoices.
  • Invoice – Invoice Line : The same with above, there are 15 lines available that you can customize and select to be shown in your printed invoices.
  • Invoice – Subtotal/Total : These are summary of your invoice values and additional charges that can be shown below your invoice table based on your choice.
  • Invoice – Payment Terms Option : I put some common options. You can change it.
  • Employee Related with Invoice/Jobs : If you want to show several employees in your invoices, for example sales, technician or other people, you can put it here to make it available as a list in your invoices.
  • Customer List : This is a worksheet where you should put all of your customer information
  • Price List : This is a worksheet where you have to put all of your service charges and product prices

2. Create Invoice Worksheet

This is a worksheet where you can type your invoice. This is a worksheet where you can type your invoice. You will use the same one for all of your type of invoices. You don’t have to field all fields, just related fields that correspond with your invoice. For example, you want to create a project invoice, where there is no material or labor involved, you can select your project name in table 1, say only one project with fixed amount. And you only want to write job order taken, project period, payment terms and due date, then you can write them on corresponding fields in invoice lines. You can leave table 2 and table 3 empty. When you finished with filling required information, you can go to Print Invoice worksheet where you can choose Project Only invoice. This Print Invoice worksheet is a worksheet where you can customize your invoice before you print it. You still have to go to print section in Microsoft Excel to print it.

3. Print Invoice worksheet

As informed above, this is an area where you can customize your invoice before you print and send it to your customer. To show your latest typed invoice, you need to fill the record number of your invoice. Why isn’t it shown up automatically? Because it requires a macro function that I avoided to use. This function will give incompatibility problem which will arise among different Excel and OS version. You can select which invoice information that will be shown in your invoice. There is a short guidance at the left side that you can read to customize it properly. Can I totally change the outlook ? Yes, if you bought the Pro version and have some knowledge of excel function.

4. Summary worksheet

You can read a summary of your issued and paid invoice here monthly. Also you can check payment status of your customer in Account Receivable area. But, you need to update your customer payment in your written invoices. You can go to respective records quickly by clicking the edit invoice link at the left side of account receivable table.


6 Different Type of Invoices

There are 6 different type of invoices you can choose based on your deal with your customers. Those are :

  • Project Only Invoice
  • Project and Material Invoice
  • Project and Completion Invoice
  • Labor Only Invoice
  • Labor and Material Invoice
  • Material Only Invoice

Set Your Own Invoice Fields
You can put your own name to generated invoice fields

Show/Hide Invoice Fields
This feature will allow you to show important invoice fields and hide unnecessary invoice fields

Monthly Summary
There are three summary worksheets where you can read summary of your issued invoices monthly as well as summary of account receivables.

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