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The free attendance calendar template is one of my popular excel templates which has been downloaded over 100,000 times since I released it three years ago. There are many requests came to my email about possibility to do template customization to suit their company needs which I couldn’t fulfilled due to my time limitation. But, I have kept those requests and feedback to create a more general employee attendance calendar template which could meet 90% of those requirement.

employee attendance tracker overview

And here it is, the new employee attendance planner and tracker template which is created with the same style with my previous Gantt Chart and Soccer League templates. If you have downloaded those lite templates, you will be familiar with the worksheets structure :).

I have to make a different post for this template because there are many improvement have been made over the old one. I believe this template should help you ease your employee attendance recording job where it will automatically help you calculate it employee by employee where you can further analyze it to evaluate your employee performance.


  • Custom Month and Week names : If your language is not English, you modify its month and week name into your own language. To further customize other words and titles, you need the pro one.
  • Color marker: You will have options to hide or reveal color marker in attendance worksheets, available color markers are present marker, attendance code, holiday, non working days, and hired/resign markers. You can switch it on/off based on your selection in setup worksheet.
  • Carry Over period: if your company applied carry over attendance system, you can set the month period of that carry over.
  • Custom holiday and leave dates: These features will allow users to add their company holidays along with national holidays to be excluded from working days calculation.
  • Dashboard Report Style: This dashboard style report will give you a brief summary of your company attendance performance in one year period. You can see the top/bottom 5 employees attendance performance, your company turn over, and attendance percentage over the passing workdays.
  • Automatic Work Days Calculation: This feature will ease you calculating the number of working days every month precisely, based on your custom workdays. It will exclude any holidays that you put in custom holidays column.
  • Flexible Work Days: Some companies apply different working days instead of normal Saturday or Sunday. Using this flexible work days feature, users can select their own work days within one week.
  • Custom Attendance Parameter: You can custom your attendance parameter based on your preference. There are 8 (eight) parameters available to be customized.
  • Attendance Sheet Marker: These are features that will colorize your sheets based on your personal setting. There are five available markers:
    • Present: To mark present days (or blank cells). You can leave it with white/no color or color it with light blue color.
    • Present: To mark and differentiate any taken absence codes. When you activate it, you will have 8 different colors for eight different codes.
    • Holiday: To mark holiday’s date with red color.
    • Non Working Days: To mark non working days with blue color.
    • Hired/Resignation: To mark blank cells before the beginning and after the end of employee working period

If you already use Microsoft Excel to manage my employee’s attendance, do you still need this tool? Well, it depends on how you are using Excel to ease your jobs. If you are calculating working days, absences, and holidays manually, this tool can definitely help you to save time.

I believe this template will be a great help for Human Resources People to manage their employees. With plenty of options on personalizing its layout and its flexibility on choosing workdays as well as its smart formula on calculating custom workdays, it will reduce your manual job processing time. It is a very good alternative tool to other stand-alone software which is offered in more expensive price with limited function. This version is worked with Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 and it is created without macro which reduce incompatibility issues between Microsoft Windows and Office version. It is worked also under Microsoft Excel 2011 and Mac environment, but you’d better test it first to make sure it is working well.

Getting Started

Go to Setup worksheet

  • Type your starting year (for example, 2012)
  • Select your working days
  • Custom your attendance codes
  • Select your marker preference
  • Set your carry over period
  • Type your holiday dates

Go to Personal Info – Employee Name worksheet

  • Fill in ID, Name, Title, Department, Hired and Resign dates (You have to delete all dummies information in lite version)

Go to Personal Info – Allocation worksheet

  • Fill employee attendance allocation and carry over (only for the first year) days in corresponding cells (you have to delete all dummies information in lite version)

Go to Attendance worksheet

  • This is basically your daily worksheets. When you finished typing, selecting and filling the previous worksheets, you can start typing/selecting corresponding codes when your employee is not come to your office, and let the excel formulas ease all calculation jobs. You will see total working days in each month, and you can move between months by directly click on month tabs or sliding left or right using the available sliding arrows (there is several codes already type in the first month in lite version, you should delete it first).

employee attendance tracker worksheet

To see your employee attendance for further evaluation, you can go to Report and Dashboard worksheets. In Pro version, you can select year up until 3 year period and 250 employees.


Report – All Employees worksheet

  • Select attendance code to show your employee attendance records in one full year.

Report – Single Employee worksheet

  • Select your employee name to show his/her attendance record in one full year.

employee attendance tracker report


  • In this calendar style worksheet, you can see the average of employee attendance until today. The other information you can see in this dashboard are, total/passed working days, number of active employees, a number of employees who hired/resign, top/bottom 5 employees, and the average of absence allocation taken by employees. You can also custom calendar marker for attendance by changing the percentage value in white cells below the calendar.



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