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Assigning your sales person to specific clients and monitor their progress should be as easy as asking them to report to you regularly. Issues arise when there are many sales have to be monitored and many clients have to be handled by your sales people. You may need a tool to help you organize it and prevent any lost opportunities because of not serving your clients as expected.

This Sales Task List and Pipeline Manager spreadsheet should help you to accommodate it. It is created using Microsoft Excel without any Macros functions that will make you use and switch between Windows and Mac Operating System without problem. It will be fit nicely if your sales methodology is based on pipeline method. Sales pipeline is defined as an organized approach on selling products/services. Usually, it is implemented in project based sales where any transactions need several stages to be closed successfully. The number of stages as well as its stages definition could differ among companies but the goal is the same, closing the sales with success.

Sales Pipeline Management - Chart

With this ready-to-use tool, you won’t miss any opportunities which should be converted into your company sales. Any success and failures will be recorded to be analyzed by your sales and marketing team to develop new strategies to improve its results.

This tool is created with 3 basic steps on organizing and monitoring company’s sales

  1. RECEIVE inquiries/leads: Organizing all receiving inquiries/leads in one worksheet. All receiving inquiries will be treated as prospects or the initial stage of sales pipeline.
  2. ASSIGN sales to process: Organizing all sales assignment in one worksheet. You must select a right sales person to handle a prospected client.
  3. MONITOR the progress: Monitoring all pipeline progress, one employee – one worksheet. You can see and analyze your sales every day and when it seems you are going to lose a client, you can take a decision right away, either you assign other sales or you handle it by yourself. There are maximum 10 customized pipeline stages you can define.

And there are summary worksheets and funnel/pipeline chart that can help you to evaluate your company performance, especially your sales employees performance.

If you are looking for an excel spreadsheet to organize all of this sales-client prospects progress and monitor them in daily bases, this Sales Pipeline Management Spreadsheet should be suitable for :

  • A Sales Manager who manages plenty of sales persons
  • A Project Manager who manages plenty of clients
  • Sales staffs who want to organize their leads

With this tool, you can focus more on processing sales prospects since all administration job can be done easily by typing their sales stage results in correct places.


≡ Sales Stages Customization
You can customize sales pipeline stages until 10 stages.

≡ One Worksheet Sales and Client Assignment
You can record client’s inquiries and manage their assignment in one single worksheet

≡ Sales Activity Tracker
You can view any progress or follow up tasks every day or at any dates that you want to see.

≡ Client Summary
You can monitor all of your client’s progresses in one worksheet. You can evaluate your sales person or sales team performance monthly and yearly.

≡ Funnel Dashboard
You can view a quick summary of sales result in funnel chart style.

≡ Fully Unlocked
You can modify all worksheet layouts and excel functions without any limitation.

Template Worksheets

This excel template will help you managing all of your sales people and clients as well as recording all sales stages with ease. It consists of four big parts :

  • Setup – to set sales pipeline names, sales names, client’s category etc
  • Sales Activity – to monitor and record daily sales activities
  • Summary – to see monthly and yearly sales achievement
  • Dashboard – to see sales pipeline summary in chart visualization

You can download the lite version to start trying the spreadsheet. You can follow a short description and guidance of each worksheets below to use it.

SETUP Worksheet

This is an area where you have to customized several terms to be used in your spreadsheet. There are several terms already filled as samples that you can modify to fit your own terms.

General Setup

  • Set STARTING YEAR in cell D8. Lite version will show you 1 year only where Pro version will allow you to see until 3 year start from your typing year.
  • Set SALES STAGE titles in Sales Stage column (cell D11-D20). There are maximum 10 stages can be set, excluded Won/Success and Failed Stage. Won/success and Failed is set as a sales stage status that can be put anywhere next to its stage names in sales activity worksheet which could help you on analyzing in which stages that most of your sales are failed. You can develop your own report based on this data as well. You can modify current titles but make sure the first cell is filled (D11), default is filled with PROSPECT. It is set as the starting stage of all sales process.
  • Set SALES STAGE STATUS in Sales Stage Status column (cell D23-D30). There are maximum 8 status can be set. The first cell (D23) is set as WON/SUCCESS status. The second cell (D24) is set as failed status. You can modify its name to other name. Other remaining cells are free to be set with any names.
  • Set LEAD SOURCES category with any media you want any incoming leads to be classified (cell D33-D47)
  • Set CLIENT SIZE category in this 5 interval rows (cell D51-F55). It should help you to value and to prioritize some specific clients based on its size. Make sure that you fill both above and below value as well as its category name.
  • Set CLIENT BUSINESS CATEGORY in Business Category column (cell D58-D87). It should help you on distributing incoming leads to specific Sales Employee who specialize in respective category.

Sales Team Setup

  • Type all of your sales employees in this worksheet

CLIENT Worksheet

This is a worksheet to add and assign new clients to any sales. There are 2 helper table on top of this worksheet to show you unassigned client leads and sales employees with lowest project opportunities.

Sales Pipeline Spreadsheet - Client

New clients can be get from any sources, as you have categorized it in setup worksheet.

To Add New Clients

  • Type Client Name in column D. Your entry will be marked with red color if it is duplicate.
  • Type Client ID in column C (optional).
  • Select Business Category type in column E.
  • Type Opportunities Value in column F. If the value is not known yet, you can skip it and type it when you get the information from your assigned sales
  • Business Size value in column G will be automatically shown based on Client Size category that you have set it up in Setup worksheet.
  • Type Client Address in column H.
  • Type Client Phone Number in column I.
  • Type Client Contact Person name in column J.
  • Type 1st inquiry date in column K
  • Select 1st inquiry media in column L
  • Type employee name where you get that inquiry in column M. It could be your call center, web admin, or sales employee.
  • Type employee name department in column N
  • Type any notes regarding that inquiry in column O.

To Assign New Clients to Sales Employee

  • Go to respective client
  • Select the sales where you want to assign this client in column P. You can use to 2 table helper above to help you finding unassigned clients and sales. You don’t have to stick with those table if you already have other references to assign them.
  • Type the assignment date in column Q.


This are worksheets where you can record your sales employee activity. Each sales employee is set in separate worksheets. You can go to specific sales by clicking the specific sales link in Sales Employee Setup worksheet or clicking previous/next sales link in each sales employee worksheets.

Sales Pipeline Spreadsheet - Sales Activity

There is a Follow Up Panel which will show you respective sales employee/client progress on specific date set in cell H7. The default date is today, but you can change to other date if you want to know sales progress on other days. All information in Follow Up Panel are shown automatically.

Below Follow Up Panel there are Client Information and Sales Stages Working tables.

Client Information Table
All information in this table will be shown automatically based on client/sales assignment from client worksheet and their last progress status pulled from sales stages working table.

Sales Stages Working Table
This table is divided into 10 stages area. You might use less than 10 stages, depends on stages you define in setup worksheet. Type your sales progress on correct area. Important columns in all areas are Date and Status columns. You can skip one or more stages if your sales progress doesn’t go into that stage. But make sure that you type date and status for its next stage or you won’t get it shown on status column. If one stage had to be done more than once and you haven’t had define it, just put the successful one and put notes (in Description column) on that stage to remind you a number of jobs you have to complete to finish that stage.


  • First column in this table already filled with assignment dates from CLIENT worksheet automatically. You can change to other dates but remember that the formula will be overwritten.
  • There are 10 table parts with correspond to 10 sales stages. Make sure you type in correct stage. You can jump over unused stages if they are unneeded in your particular sales process.

SUMMARY Worksheet

There are 3 sales and client summaries where you can see your sales progress and achievement

All Sales Summary
Based on Sales persons you typed in Setup worksheet, you can read their sales progress and achievement summary in this worksheet. Pro version will allow you to see until 3 years period. You can see also specific sales employee rank among all of your sales employees. All progress and achievement in values table are based on Initial Date of each Clients. So Success/Won value could be achieved in different year.

Individual Sales Summary
In this worksheet you can see your individual sales performance. Just select sales employee name and its year period (only in Pro version) and you can see his/her monthly performance based on values and number of leads. You can see respective on progress clients in the table at the right side.

Sales Pipeline Spreadsheet - Summary Individual Sales

All Clients Summary
In this worksheet you can see all of your client’s status. It will have the same order with clients order in Client worksheet. You can use Excel Filter Tool to categorized them based on specific criteria.


In this simple Dashboard, you can see your company’s sales performance in certain year in Pipeline Chart visualization. You can also see Top 10 Clients and Top 10 Sales Employees and their shares compared with all successful projects in Pie Chart.

This spreadsheet is built with basic functions of managing and summarizing sales pipeline processes. You can develop it to meet your specific needs. There are plenty of information can be put, analyzed and map into your specific report and chart.

For example:

  • You can analyze what company’s business categories that contribute more on your company’s income so you can emphasize on finding clients from those categories
  • You can analyze what kind of medias that converted well
  • You can evaluate your sales employees performance based on their successful/unsuccessful projects and improve their skills and abilities by assigning them to more suitable clients or put them on suitable training.
  • And many more

This template gives you a full control of the spreadsheet. It can accommodate up to 100 sales and 1500 clients. It can be expanded easily if you need more after those numbers are reached, but you have to make sure that you run it on high speed computer processor to minimize its calculation process. It can be running in Microsoft Excel version 2007 and above in Microsoft Windows and Mac environment.

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