Inventory and Booking Manager for Rental Business

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Inventory and Booking Manager for Rental Business is a spreadsheet that is created specifically for any small business owners who own rental businesses. It is created particularly for equipment rental businesses, but it can fit any type of rental businesses but in simplified form. It will help you managing your inventory as well as recording your booking. With this spreadsheet, you can monitor your current inventory any time.

Inventory and Booking Manager for Rental Business Spreadsheet

Idea of creating this spreadsheet was coming from one client who get frustrated when he has to deliver rented item and miscalculate the quantity that he has to deliver. Fortunately, he has friends who are in similar business to borrow the item for fulfilling the order. The problem arose because he has to manage it manually. He has a spreadsheet, but he calculated all inventory and arranged booking manually. He asked me to tidy his spreadsheet, but, instead of tidying up his, I created a new spreadsheet for his needs.

I tried to make it as simple as possible, but it should accommodate many rental businesses. If you are in needs of this spreadsheet, I hope this spreadsheet should meet your expectation.

The objective is to calculate remaining inventory based on initial, rented, and booked stocks. Plus, there are purchased stocks that should add particular item quantity and lost/broken stocks that should reduce the number of available quantity. I call this simple because it has no chart and calendar features like you see in particular reservation spreadsheet. But, it is very easy to use. One thing, you can use all available features in free version.

Okay, what kind of rental businesses that might suit with this inventory and booking manager for rental business? Almost all. Several businesses that come to my minds are :

  • Costumes. Any parties require costume, especially if those parties have particular themes, like halloween, superhero, cartoon etc. If you are managing this type of business, you can use this spreadsheet to manage both inventory and booking to make sure your customers get their costumes at particular time.
  • Wedding. From small to big wedding events, there are plenty of items needs to be rented - tables, chairs, flowers, stage, costumes, etc.
  • Catering. Plenty of cooking and dishes equipment are needed in any type of events.
  • Presentation. Presentation projectors, laptops, tabs, monitors, computers, are some of item to be rented.
  • Exhibition. Exhibition booths including its accessories are item that must be prepared by exhibitors.
  • Music events and instruments. Stage and sound systems, guitars, instruments.
  • Party Supplies. Tableware, linens, tables, chairs, tent, catering equipment, etc.
  • Medical Equipment. Hospital beds, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Consumer Electronics. Gadgets. cameras, laptop, televisions, projectors, printers et
  • Travel and Leisure. Surfing boards, bicycles, motorbikes, etc.
  • And many more…

What about car rental? Will it fit? Well, it depends on your objective. If your interest to see the availability in daily bases, then, yes, it fits. If you need more detailed information, like kilometers, car numbers etc, then you might consider other spreadsheet.

In conclusion, as long as your interest is to get the update of your current inventory and organize your booking, then this spreadsheet is your solution.

Here are short steps to use this spreadsheet:

  1. Go to Inventory worksheet. Type year period. It will populate dates to cover one year booking period.
  2. Fill inventory item table. Type Item ID, Name and Quantity. Free spreadsheet only accommodate 20 item. There is a daily inventory table next to that table. In this table, Excel formula will update item quantity based on new purchase/lost or broken item. In free version, only initial stocks that will take into account since you can’t update purchase/lost/broken table.
  3. Fill Booking table. Here you need to type Customer Name, select the Item ID to reveal rented item, type booked quantity as well as its respective rented period. Other columns are optional.
  4. That’s all. You can go to Booking Summary to see how many item you have left and how many that has been booked at particular dates. You can switch those information by toggling cell E4 option (Remaining Quantity or Rented Quantity). There are stock availability markers that will inform you how many stocks you have when they meet a certain level. If you have no stocks, then you will see red background in particular item and date. Also, you can specify the minimum item quantity that you want to get alerted by changing cell M4.

There is one important worksheet to update the inventory quantity based on new item purchase, lost or broken. But, it is only available in Pro version of inventory and Booking manager for rental business spreadsheet. You may see how it looks in Daily Tracker worksheet. Remaining two greyed worksheets are customer and supplier worksheets you can use to record your customer and supplier information.

You can develop this inventory manager spreadsheet to accommodate your specific needs. For example, you can add chart to see the performance of your business, or you can add invoice worksheet to make integrate your invoice management within one single spreadsheet.

You can start defining item and supplier/customer parameters to start using this spreadsheet:

  • Type item name and their initial quantity at the beginning of your period
  • Type supplier and customer information for purchase and booking references

Then, you can start managing your inventory and booking.

  • Use booking summary to monitor the availability of your inventory item
  • Use booking worksheet to record your customer booking
  • Use daily tracker to update your inventory. Any purchases will increase particular item quantity. Any lost/broken reported by your customers will reduce its quantity.

This spreadsheet is unprotected. You can add more important information into it or create charts for your report.


1. 365 Days Inventory Management

Inventory and Booking Manager - One Year Inventory

You can manage and track your inventory in one full year period

2. 150 lines of inventory item (expandable)

There are up to 150 inventory item rows that can be filled

3. 250 lines of Purchase, Broken, Lost, Repaired inventory item (expandable)

There are up to 250 lines where you can update quantity of your rental inventory item (new purchase, lost item etc)

4. 2000 lines of Booking Transaction (expandable)

Inventory and Booking Manager - Booking Summary

There are 2000 rows to input any bookings to be mapped in Booking Summary tab

5. 365 Days Booking Summary with Inventory Stock Marker

Inventory and Booking Summary

There is a booking summary to see rented and remaining item quantity for one full year period

6. All worksheets are unlocked to fully tweaking the formula and customizing its layout

You can put your company logo, name, adjust columns and rows, add more worksheets for your specific needs, or tweak formulas, add charts, create dashboards, etc (you need excel knowledge to do this)

7. Customer Data individual worksheet

There is one worksheet to record customer information

8. Supplier Data individual worksheet

There is one worksheet to record supplier information

9. Compatibility across Excel version and Operating System

You can use this spreadsheet with Excel 2010 for Windows and above and Excel 2008 for Mac and above without having incompatibility issues

10. Multi User License (within one Company)

Any employees are allowed to use this spreadsheet as long as they are working within one company

11. One time payment only

You can use it every year without additional cost


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