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While creating a new sales report template, I found several old excel files I've created several years ago which I used for my own business, and if I tidy these files up, I think I can share it as useful excel templates for you. This SWOT analysis template is one of them. The original file is created using Microsoft Excel 2003, while I made some adjustment using Microsoft Excel 2010. I used this template when I plan to launch a new product and I wanted to measure its position among established companies who already exist in that business.

SWOT Analysis Template for Excel

SWOT itself stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The first two terms are usually being used to measure internal factors while the remain terms are being used to measure external factors. In a business context, a SWOT Analysis can help you measure a sustainable niche in your market while in a personal context, it could help you develop your career in a way that takes best advantage of your talents and abilities. If you want to learn more, there are several different approach on utilizing SWOT analysis to give more benefits on your company in many internet sites.

Then, how my SWOT analysis template can help your business? It depends on your objective that you want to achieve. I used this template only to see where product position among its competitor. And I don't think I have to make it as accurate as possible, because it needs more marketing research, survey etc which I don't think I need it at that time. When you open this template, you will see a simple SWOT chart which will show you the position of your company/business compare with other companies. It is created using Excel Radar Chart with additional dynamic value reference.

To use this template, go to each SWOT tabs, and type your measured item. There are 15 available rows that you can fill. The chart will adjust accordingly based on number of item that you typed. Put your company and its competitor name at the left side of the table, next to the chart. Define measurement value based on your own scale. It can start from 1 until 3, 4 or 5. Then, you can start to put the value on company related boxes, next to SWOT item. You can show or hide your company as well as your competitor from the chart by tick/untick the tick boxes on top of company's code.

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