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Did you know that every day twelve million people go to the grocery store and completely forgot to purchase the item they went there for? If you’re tired of forgetting things you need at the grocery store, try creating a master shopping list. This Excel Grocery List Template can help you easily make your own customized list, so you decrease your chances of forgetting items.

These templates can also help you save time. The average American woman spends 95 hours each year shopping for food. That is almost four entire days at the store. Having a customized printable shopping list can help cut that number down. You will no longer need to wander aimlessly down the aisles trying to remember what generic ingredients you need for the recipe you’re cooking.

Are you ready to save time?

Definitely give this Excel grocery template a try.

This editable grocery list template includes six different individual spreadsheets, which are all variations of the same concept. There are slight differences, which will be covered below.

Pick your favorite template and use it to make creating your shopping list simple. Keep in mind - this is not a blank grocery list template; each template comes preloaded with standard grocery list items. The type of food items on the list are the biggest change between files.

Template Contents

Here’s a summary of what is included in this template:

Grocery List Template Model 1

Create your master grocery list with the items that you purchase, track their costs at different stores, and quickly create your printable shopping list before you leave the house. You can choose between a simple grocery list with checkboxes, or one with space for you to write the quantities of items purchased.

Grocery List Template Model 2

Like the template above, use this grocery list template to create your printable shopping list before you head to the store. There are three different versions of the shopping list you can select from.

Grocery List Template Model 3

Use the overview worksheet to enter price information about the groceries you purchase regularly. Then you can create your shopping list based on individual stores, or by the cheapest item.

Grocery Shopping List Healthy

Are you looking for a standard grocery list for healthy eating? This shopping list can help. It’s preformulated with many popular ingredients for a healthy diet. It’s also completely editable so you can create your customized printable healthy grocery list template.

Grocery Shopping List Keto

Following a ketogenic diet? Use this organized grocery list template to pick up all the keto staples you need. You can easily change any item to make the perfect keto shopping list for your household.

Grocery Shopping List Vegan

Are you looking for a vegan pantry shopping list? This vegan basics shopping list template has the categories you need to make it simple to pick up the vegan essentials you need.

How to Customize the Excel Grocery List Template

After you download your template, it’s time to customize it for your shopping needs. While the formatting is slightly different on each of these spreadsheets, you will use the same information on them all. To prepare your grocery list, you will need to do three things:

  1. Check the Categories,
  2. Review the Items, and
  3. Enter the Price.

Here are more detailed instructions.

1. Check the Categories

What types of items do you regularly buy when you’re at the store? Each of these grocery list templates allow you to customize the categories you purchase. On Grocery List Template Model 1, here’s what the categories look like on the Shopping List Simple worksheet that you can print.

You can change those items in green to reflect grocery shopping you do.

Grocery List Template Categories

If you see a category you don’t use, or you want to change a category, it’s a simple fix. In the Excel template, open the Overview worksheet. It is called this on all six of the template downloads.

Here is what this sheet looks like in Grocery List Template Model 2. The other templates look slightly different, so you will need to locate the category name you want to change.

Grocery List Template Categories Second Model

If you wanted to make the word “Vegetables” on your shopping list instead read “Produce,” you would click on the word “Vegetables.” Then, simply delete this word and enter the word “Produce” in its place. You can change any of the categories by repeating these steps.

Keep in mind that, if you delete a category, the items will continue to show under the previous category on the list. So, if you are getting rid of a category completely, please delete all the items in that category as well. For instance, if you wanted to delete the Fruits category completely, here’s what you would need to do:

  • Highlight all the information from the blue line that says Fruits through the row right above the next category line.
  • Delete the information and shift the cells up.

If you wanted to keep some of the items, but move them into a new category, you can right click to enter a new line. Then type or paste the grocery item into the new row.

Once you have your categories ready, it’s time to create your family grocery shopping master list.

2. Review the Items

To save some time, your shopping list should include the items that you purchase, not a bunch that you do not. This is a good grocery list to get you started, but it needs to be customized before you will see the maximum benefit.

You can delete, add, and change any item on this overview worksheet. For instance, if you never use canola oil for cooking, remove it from your list. That way you don’t have to continue looking at it each week or take time to mark it off.

Note: This step is not about deleting the items you don’t want to purchase on your next shopping trip. This is your master list, so you want to include any ingredient you purchase, even if you only buy it occasionally. There is a simple way to remove the items from your printable list, which will be covered further down in this article.

Once you’ve deleted the items you won’t be purchasing, it’s time to make sure it has everything that you do buy. Review your meal planning, or common recipes that you use. Brainstorm the things that you buy.

Be sure to include pantry staples along with your essential grocery items. Make sure everything is on your master list: snacks, cereal, canned goods... everything you purchase.

When your master list has the categories and items you need, it’s time to enter some price data.

3. Enter the Prices

If you do not want to track your grocery budget with your grocery list template, feel free to skip this step. But if you are trying to lower your average household cost of food, this step can help.

In order to use the budgeting portion of these templates, you need to add prices for each item. This information does not show on some of the printable worksheets. But it does show on others.

Even if you print a list that doesn’t have the budget items showing, you can use the price information to help you keep your grocery costs down when planning.

Before you can track your budget however, you need to gather some information. This step will take time. But it can help you save money in the long run.

Here are three ways to gather the information you need.

  1. You can go to the stores and find the prices and write them down on a hardcopy. So, if you go to Trader Joe’s, Costco, and Wal-Mart, you can price each item at each of the stores. This option will take the longest but will give you the most accurate information.
  2. You can estimate the prices. Think about where you buy each item and write in the rough prices. This will be faster but won’t be as exact for your grocery budget.
  3. You can use a grocery list app from your favorite stores to see if you can find prices. This will help you get accurate information without having to drive all over town.

You can replace the generic store numbers with the names of the stores you visit. Then, put in the price at each of the stores. You will want to verify that you’re comparing the same size package across stores or get a price per ounce. That way you get accurate information when you’re making your shopping list.

Grocery List Template Prices

Printable Shopping List

Once you have entered all the data, you will be able to use your master list to quickly create a printable grocery list.

Make a Printable Shopping List

Go to the overview of the template file you are using. Find the column titled checklist.

Notice that there is a v next to each item.

Grocery List Template Printable

This v is what tells Excel to add this item to your printable shopping list. If you don’t want to purchase the item on this trip to the grocery store, simply delete the v.

When you have checked your meal plan and made sure you have a v next to each ingredient that you need, it’s time to get your printable to buy list.

Preparing Your List for Printing

If you are using Grocery List Template Model 3, there is one more thing you need to do before you hit print. If you are using the other templates, please skip this step.

On the overview worksheet of Grocery List Template Model 3, there are small circles up at the top. You can decide if you want your grocery list created by store, or by price. If you want to buy everything at a single store, select the circle above that store name.

If you only have time to stop at Trader Joe’s, you can click that circle to create a printable Trader Joe’s shopping list.

If you prefer to go to multiple stores so you can save the most money and buy cheaper groceries, click on the circle under the word “Cheapest.”

Grocery List Template Prepare Printing

Select the Worksheet Style You Like Best

When you’re ready to print your list, look at the different worksheets. Some have three columns. Others have four. Some of the worksheets include quantities and prices. Others are just simple checkboxes for each item.

Select the one that you like best and print it. Here is what the worksheet Shopping List 84 from Grocery List Template Model 2 looks like:

Grocery List Template Select Worksheet

Note: These are not checkboxes meant to be used in Excel. They are simply square images meant for you to check with a pen or pencil at the store.

When you go shopping, bring your list along and simply check off the boxes of each item as you add them to your cart. This way you can see at a glance what items you may be forgetting. You can stay on budget and get out of the store as quickly as possible.

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