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How much electricity do you use each month? The answer will vary. It depends on several factors, but mostly will depend on type and number of household appliances that you use. You may not pay attention that incorrect selection of your new appliances will raise your electricity bill up. You may not aware also that replacing some of your current appliances with other models, rearrange operational time of particular electronic devices will cut down your energy expenses. This electricity consumption calculator for excel will help you to calculate how much it costs for the electricity to run various household appliances. Furthermore, it will give you ideas on how to lower your bill. It needs some works to do, though. You need to check and record Wattage values of each of your current appliances. All references in this template is based on common specification. It may generate different result compare with your current electricity bill. You can find your appliances electricity specification in their user guide books or labels or you can search it in internet.

Using Electricity Consumption Calculator Template for Excel

There are two worksheets in this template, "Appliances Data" and "Calculation" worksheet. You can start using it from "Appliances Data" worksheet.

Appliances Data Worksheet

Electricy Consumption Calculator Template Excel - List of Appliances

This worksheet is already filled with some common appliances along with their rating values. You may check with your current electronic devices to make sure that the values are correct.

Type required information in the following columns :

  • Item Column. Type all of your household appliances. You can modify existing item and revise its rating values. Item name must be unique.
  • Rating Column (Watt). If you can't find Watt information in your item specification, you can use conversion box at the right side of the table. It is used to convert Voltage and Current specification into Watt unit. Then, you can copy and paste its value into respective field. I have tried to put common power rating for your reference. You can see that different model of similar item have different Wattage values that could save more if you use them. Like light bulbs, LED model consumes 25% less than Incandescent model. Have you aware about it? LED model is more expensive, but you can save it in the long run.
  • Efficiency Rating column (optional). You can leave it empty. But, you may not ignore it for equipment that operate with different wattage between their initial and operation state. For example, stated wattage value in Air Conditioner/Heater equipment show initial or maximum rating value when the compressor is active. Needed energy will be decrease into 60% of its stated power rating when the targeted temperature is reached and the compressor is not active. You may read some advises from AC/heater experts on how to optimize its usage. This behavior also applies to laundry or washing machines.
  • Description and Notes columns (optional).

Calculation Worksheet

Energy Consumption Calculator Template Excel

All fillable fields have white background. There are dummy values to help you understand it easier. Type/select required information as follows :

  • House location (optional) and cost/kWh (check your bill)
  • Appliance Item from drop down list in Appliance Column
  • Hourly usage per day for selected appliance
  • Number of similar appliance unit (if you leave it empty, consumption per day will take 1 as default value)
  • Usage frequency (in day(s)) per week (if you leave it empty, consumption per week will take 7 as default value)
  • Usage frequency (in day(s)) per month (if you leave it empty, consumption per month will take 30 as default number of days)

If the discrepancy between computed energy consumption and electricity bill value are too obvious, try to adjust rating and hourly usage for some appliances that you suspect are not typed correctly.

In conclusion, by using this electricity consumption calculator template you can discover which appliances that consume more energy than others. Thus, you can decide either you will replace it or manage its running time to lower you monthly electricity bill. You will be amazed on how much you can save it after your did some adjustment. This template is fully editable. You can create your own spreadsheet based on ideas in this spreadsheet. You can adjust its layout or tweaking its formulas to suit your needs.

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