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Wiki definition of ovulation is "Ovulation is the process in the females menstrual cycle by which a mature ovarian follicle ruptures and discharges an ovum (also known as an oocyte, female gamete, or casually, an egg) that participates in reproduction. Ovulation also occurs in the estrous cycle of other female mammals, which differs in many fundamental ways from the menstrual cycle."

It is hard to understand the meaning because of the phrases being used. For many people, ovulation means a time when the woman is fertile enough to get pregnant.

One of the most common method used to predict ovulation is calendar based method, the method which based on a record of the length of previous menstrual cycles, as originally developed by John Smulders in 1930, as written in wikipedia as can be read in details here.

This Menstrual Cycle Calculator is a simple template that is created to map the method. Please don't make it as your real reference, just make it as your side reference, because getting pregnant will depend on many factors. Please confirm to your doctor to get an exact information regarding your fertility period and any fertility problem that may arise.

Ovulation Calendar

To use this template is simple, just fill in your information in the data worksheet as follows :

  • Beginning of your last menstrual cycle,
  • Your menstrual cycle period,
  • Your lutheal phase period (also referred to as 'days past ovulation' or 'DPO', is the part of the cycle that starts at ovulation and ends the day before your next period. It usually lasts about 14 days and does not vary by more than a day in each person. The luteal phase is named after the corpus luteum (Latin: "yellow body"), a structure that grows on the surface of the ovary where a mature egg was released at ovulation. The corpus luteum produces progesterone in preparing the body for pregnancy. Your luteal phase must be at least 10 days long to support pregnancy),
  • Display month, and
  • Display year


Ovulation Calendar Parameter

After you finished filling in all the information, you can see the calendar in calendar worksheet, as seen in the first picture, where you can see the date of your most fertile date in pink colour and the date of your beginning of menstrual cycle in red colour. And you can move the month and year forward or backward by clicking the arrow bar at the left corner in the worksheet.

There are several references that can be read to understand more about ovulation. The easiest way just googling the information about "ovulation" or "ovulation calendar".

That's all guys and remember not to make this template as your real reference.

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