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It has been a long time ago since I put big attention on my baby's growth. Questions like is my baby growth normally or how is my baby growth compared to others always crossed my mind. Based on parent's experiences,  this kind of worries are shown up when they have baby for the first time. And when they got their second child, they won't be as worried as before. The most popular tool or references used by many parents to monitor the growth of their children is the baby growth chart where the chart will tell any parents the position of their children growth compare with normal children. There is a short information about those things I read in site.

Baby Information Worksheet

The first time I had a baby, I didn't use excel as a tool to monitor and track my baby's growth. I just used a weight and height chart written in pdf and find the position of my baby in those charts. But, this time, I think to make a tool in excel will be more useful for new parents so they can record their babies growth and put it in chart precisely. This thought came up because  a friend of mine asking me whether I can make a growth chart for his baby. So, I made it for him.

His baby is a boy, so I made a boy growth chart first. I then made a chart for both boy and girl babies.

USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website is where I took the reference growth data for this spreadsheet. The website also provide complete information regarding growth charts. Because of the data is based on USA data, basically this is a USA baby growth chart. But, you still can use it even though your baby is not American because the growth trends is general.

This excel spreadsheet is consist of three worksheets with description as follows :

  • one baby information worksheet, worksheet where you have to input your baby birth information and also as a record data sheet for his weight and height until his age reach 3 years old,
  • one height chart, a worksheet where you can see the progress of your baby's height, compared to other babies, and
  • one weight chart, a worksheet where you can see the progress of your baby's weight, compared to other babies

In baby's information worksheet, you have to input :

  1. Your baby's name
  2. Your baby's birth date
  3. Your baby's birth weight (in kg), there is a weight converter box that you can use to convert your baby's weight from pounds to kilogram if your baby's weight data is not in kilogram
  4. Your baby's birth height (in cm), there is a height converter bos that you can use to convert your baby's height from inch to centimeter if your baby's height data is not in centimeter.

After inputing your baby's birth information, you can start tracking your baby's growth by periodically filling the weight and the height of your baby at your targeted date in blank light green column. I put some samples there for your guidance, you can erase it to start tracking yours. The data you input will give you direct result on percentile information in the column next to weight and height column and also will trigger the chart in other sheets to draw your baby's growth line.

Before erasing those samples, you can switch the worksheet into height and weight chart worksheet. You can see the bold black line with your baby's name as its legend that will change based on your data input. You can see the sample picture below. You can print it, or you can also change the layout and the look of this chart using excel chart menu.

Weight Chart

Height Chart

If you still need more information regarding this spreadsheet, just leave me a comments.

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