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Design your own Excel ribbon buttons in minutes. Create actions for these buttons and share it with your colleagues to impress them.

Ribbon created is shareable

This ribbon tab is saved in the workbook itself so you can email to whoever you like and it will work the exact same for them. Whereas Microsoft Excel’s customize ribbon feature saves the ribbon to your computer so it isn’t shareable and is not useful.

Creating your own ribbon in minutes not weeks

Previously developing a shareable Excel ribbon tab requires either XML coding or reading a complex manual preventing 99.9% of Excel users from doing this.

My mission is to give any Excel user the ability to develop a custom ribbon in minutes. Using this template you simply fill out a simple spreadsheet to create your own ribbon in a couple of minutes. It’s that easy.

How to create a custom ribbon?

Follow these steps to create your own ribbon:

Step 1. Download an open this template

Step 2.  Fill out the sheet below
• Immediately see changes to your ribbon as you fill out this workbook.
• For tips on filling out each column, hover your mouse over the column heading.
• There is also an inbuilt icon tool you can use to find icons within a database of more than 7000 icons.

Easy Excel Ribbon Create Custom Ribbon

Step 3.  Click the ‘Done’ button

Step 4.  Add code for each of your buttons actions.  

Click a button (or menu item) to go to the Button_Click procedure where you add code.  Add code to this procedure to set button actions.

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