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Whether you’re organizing a training program for an athletic event, a technology course, or a chess tournament, a good attendance sheet allows you to keep important records. Training attendance sheets can also be used to understand the participant’s commitment to the course or program. We offer a Training Attendance Template, which includes a worksheet for training courses and a worksheet for training programs.

Template Contents

Below is a list of worksheets included in this template.


An attendance worksheet designed for training courses. The following introductory fields are included:

  • Course Name
  • Facilitator
  • Date
  • Time


An attendance worksheet designed for training programs. The following introductory fields are included:

  • Program Name
  • Trainer Name
  • Program Level
  • Date
  • Time
  • Reference
  • Location

Both worksheets also include the following table fields / column headings:

  • No (Number)
  • Name
  • Position (or Company)
  • Department
  • Signature

Using the Template

General Use

Begin using the training attendance sheets by filling out the introductory fields at the top of the worksheet, as shown in the example below.

Training Attendance Sheet Personalize

Note: Some of the rows may need to be expanded to avoid cutting off fields, such as “Course Name.” Use the “Alignment” options to line up all information for a neat and organized appearance.

Next, number and list all attendees. Or, you can pass this sheet around and have all attendees fill out their information and provide a signature.

Training Attendance Sheet Attendees

Tip: If you decide to manage the attendance sheet in Excel, you can change the gray and white attendance sheet color scheme by modifying the background and/or text colors. A tutorial on modifying color schemes can be found here.

Customize Fields

Any field can be modified in this template. Consider the standard fields provided as suggestions. For example, if you are organizing a meditation course, “Position” and “Department” may not apply (unless, perhaps, you are organizing this course as a corporate event). If the meditation course is held for the general public, consider replacing these fields with “Address” and “Phone Number.”

Training Attendance Sheet Customize Fields

Tip: Lengthy information like addresses can get truncated. Use the “Wrap Text” option on the “Home” menu to fit the information in each cell.

Training Attendance Sheet Wrap Text

Expand Attendance Sheets

If more columns are required, simply insert additional columns and label the new fields. To insert columns, right-click on an existing column and select “Insert,” as shown below.

Training Attendance Sheet Expand

The “Course” and “Program” attendance sheets contain space for about 24 attendees. If there are more than 24 attendees, insert as many rows as needed to create the needed space. One way to add more rows is to copy (Ctrl + C) the last row of the worksheet and “Insert Copied Cells” under the last row. Finally, update the number of participants and all other information.

Tip: Column headings will disappear if you scroll down toward the middle of the page. Use the “Freeze Panes” option to retain column headings. A tutorial on how to freeze panes can be found here.

New Sheets and Historical Records

The attendance sheets provided in this template are designed to record attendance for one specific date. However, if you are recording attendance for a course or program, you may need to record attendance over multiple dates. If this is the case, there are a few, simple ways of modifying the worksheets accordingly.

One option would be to insert a “date column” and eliminate the introductory date field to record attendance for multiple dates.

An alternative method would be to create a new worksheet for each new date. You can do this by duplicating the previous worksheet - follow this link for a tutorial.

This method will allow you to create historical records of previous attendance sheets.

Tip: Create copies of attendance sheets before using them to avoid deleting old information.

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