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These student attendance records is created to help teachers keep track of attendance of their students. There are two models created here, weekly and monthly records.

Weekly Attendance Record

This spreadsheet is a simple form that can be used for record the attendance of students for five days period. The formula being used here is the basic sum formula that will sum the student attendance based on its category.

Weekly Attendance Record

Monthly Attendance Record

This spreadsheet is created with excel formula and conditional formatting which will give you the customize record or report that can be used monthly. Set your targeted month and year, and the date column will adjust automatically to give you the day name of the given date. And there is conditional formatting in the column that will turn the cell color into grey color if the given date is Sunday or holiday. The holiday itself will refer to the date in the holiday worksheet where you can custom it.

Monthly Attendance Record

Those spreadsheets above are basic spreadsheets that you can personalize to suit your own needs. You can modify its automatic color appearance by tweaking the conditional formatting formula that is used to built them.

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