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Class attendance is very important for student development and scholastic achievement. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, students who attend class regularly achieve higher grades than chronically truant students. To help teachers, students, and parents track class attendance, we offer an easy-to-use Class Attendance Sheet with an automated calendar.

Template Contents

Below is a list of worksheets included in this template.

Class Attendance Sheet

A monthly class attendance sheet, which includes daily attendance tracking for up to 25 students.


A worksheet that controls how months and weekends are displayed on the Class Attendance Sheet.

Using the Template

General Use

Class Attendance Sheet

Before the bell rings and students flood the classroom, take a moment to enter general information in the fields below - Teacher, Room, Course, and Year. You can also modify the standard title “CLASS ATTENDANCE SHEET” by entering a new title in that cell. For example, a “Public School Code” might be included in the title, as shown below.

Tip: You can change the gray and white attendance sheet color scheme, for example to use your school’s colors or to have colors that represent a specific course. A tutorial on modifying color schemes can be found here.

Class Attendance Sheet General Info

At the beginning of each school month, select the current month from the dropdown menu in the “Month” field.

Class Attendance Sheet Month

Once the month is selected, all days of that month will be displayed horizontally across the top of the sheet.

Note: This worksheet is built to include up to 31 days; if a month has fewer than 31 days, any extra columns will be blanked out, as shown below.

Class Attendance Sheet Blanked

To track attendance for each student, for each day of school, enter a letter code to represent a type of attendance. For example, good students get a P (present), students who are late are marked with a T (tardy), and those that didn’t make it to class get an excused (E) or unexcused (U) absence.

Attendance records for each student can be summed up manually on the right, at the end of each month, as shown below.

Class Attendance Sheet Summed

Automate Attendance Total

Manually summing up attendance totals for each student can be time consuming. But if you are managing the class attendance sheet in Excel, totals can be calculated instantly by using a simple “COUNTIF” formula. To calculate attendance totals automatically, enter the following formula in cell AH8:


This formula will count any records labeled P (present) in cells ranging from C8 to AG8 (all days of the month). Next, enter the same formula for the other totals, replacing the letter “P” in the formula with T, U, or E, as required. Finally, copy (Ctrl + C) and Paste (Ctrl +V) the formulas from row 8 down to the remaining rows. This will automatically calculate attendance totals for all students.

Class Attendance Sheet Automated

To view a how-to example, see this screen recording.

Class Attendance Sheet Countif Formula


The Setup worksheet contains a list of months and a list of weekend markers. The list of months makes up the “Month” dropdown list on the Class Attendance Sheet. The list of weekend markers indicates which days will be displayed as weekend days on the Class Attendance Sheet. For example, if there is class on Saturday it’s certainly a bummer, but that it can be displayed as a regular school day on the attendance sheet at least makes it easier to keep track of attendance.

To make a weekend marker selection, use the dropdown to select “Yes” (weekend) or “No” (regular school day).

Weekend Marker Drop Down List

A “Yes” selection is formatted in gray on the attendance sheet to represent a weekend day, as shown below.

Class Attendance Sheet Weekend Grey

Expand Attendance Sheet

If you have a large class (with more than 25 students) you can expand this attendance sheet to fit any number of students. To create records for more students, copy (Ctrl + C) the last row of the attendance sheet and “Insert Copied Cells” to create new records for as many more students as necessary. Finally, update the student number in column A and student name in column B.

Class Attendance Sheet Expend

To view a how-to example, see this screen recording.

Class Attendance Sheet Expand Sheet

Tip: Column headings will disappear as you scroll down toward additional records. Use the “Freeze Panes” option to retain column headings. A tutorial on how to freeze panes can be found here.

For a how-to example, see this screen recording.

Class Attendance Sheet Freeze Panes

New Sheets and Historical Records

You may want to create new attendance sheets, as well as save and organize previous attendance sheets for the year or semester in one file. One way to do this is to create a new worksheet for each month by duplicating the previous worksheet. This method will allow you to create historical records of previous attendance sheets. Don’t forget to delete any old attendance records from the previous worksheet in your new copy.

Tip: Create copies of attendance sheets before using them to avoid deleting old information.

A tutorial on duplicating worksheets can be found here.

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