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Recording the attendance of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings has many benefits, including tracking milestones, firming resolve, and meeting court-ordered obligations. To help keep all AA meeting records organized and ready for review, we offer an AA Attendance Sheet template with 3 different forms. Each form is designed to meet common legal obligations.

Template Contents

Below is a list of AA attendance sheet forms included in this template.

Group Name Signature

An attendance sheet with a focus on group information. This form includes Group Name, Date, Time, and Group Leader’s Signature.

Date Location

A more generalized AA attendance sheet. This form includes Date, Location, Name, and Phone Number.

Date Location Signature

A simple 3-column attendance sheet with Date, Location, and Authorized Counselor Signature.

Using the Template

General Use

Before you begin using this template, there are a few things you should do first.

  • If your attendance is court ordered, check with your court officer and make sure you understand any and all of your obligations and the requirements of your court order.
  • If your attendance sheet needs to be signed, then be sure to find an AA meeting that will agree to do so. Some groups feel that keeping attendance undermines the nature of their mission.
  • It’s best to know who the requirements are coming from (parole officer, judge, case worker, or someone else).
  • Finally, our templates are designed to capture general legal obligations. However, keep in mind that you may need to modify the attendance sheets provided to match your specific needs.

Once your specific legal requirements are understood, choose the AA attendance sheet that fits those requirements. It might be best to print out the attendance sheet and populate it by hand at the meetings, especially if an authorized signature is required. Each worksheet is already formatted to print on one page.

Fill out the general fields at the top of the attendance sheet, as shown below.

Tip: You can change the gray and white attendance sheet color scheme by including new background and text color. A tutorial on modifying color schemes can be found here.

AA Attendance Sheet Background Color

Note: Two of our three attendance forms offered in this template only include fields for “Defendant’s Name” and “Officers Name.” If other fields, such as “Case No.” or “Div / Dept,” are necessary, adding them is a simple process. See our explanation below, in the section “Add New Fields.”

Use the “Group Name Signature” worksheet if Group Name and Group Leader’s Signature is required. Enter the name of the group(s) you are scheduled to attend, as well as date and time. The group leader can sign off next to each time slot.

AA Attendance Sheet Leader Signature

Note: Check with your court officer for the required amount of weekly meetings.

Lastly, there is a space for the defendant's signature at the bottom of the attendance sheet.

AA Attendance Sheet Defendant Signature

The other two AA attendance sheets in this template focus on meeting location and date. Use the “Date Location” sheet if contact phone number is required.

AA Attendance Sheet Phone Number

Use the “Date Location Signature” sheet if an authorized counselor's signature is required.

AA Attendance Sheet Counselor Signature

Add New Fields

As mentioned earlier, some worksheets in this template include fields that others don’t. You may also need to include fields not found in any of the attendance sheets in this template. For example, if there is a minimum hour-per-week attendance requirement, you will need to include a meeting “duration” column (or start time and end time columns).

To create a new column, right-click on a column to the right of where you’d like to insert a new column and select “Insert” from the pop up menu.

AA Attendance Sheet Insert Column

Finally, enter the name of the new field in the empty column heading. Repeat these steps to add more fields to the attendance sheets.

AA Attendance Sheet Field Name

To view a how-to example, see this screen recording.

AA Attendance Sheet How To Add Column

New Sheets and Historical Records

If there is a requirement to attend meetings for several months (or longer) you may want to organize your attendance sheets by month. One way to do this is to create a new worksheet for each month by duplicating the previous worksheet. This method will allow you to create historical records of previous attendance sheets. Finally, delete any old attendance records from the previous sheet and start over.

Tip: Create copies of attendance sheets before using them to avoid deleting old information.

A tutorial on duplicating worksheets can be found here.

Freeze Panes

If you are managing your AA attendance sheet in Excel, your column headings will disappear once you scroll down past your 19th meeting. To avoid this issue, use the “Freeze Panes” option to keep your column headings visible no matter how far down your scroll.

A tutorial on how to freeze panes can be found here.

To view a how-to example, see this screen recording.

AA Attendance Sheet How To Freeze Panes

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