Formulas To Perform Day Of Month Calculations

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Many events are scheduled for a particular occurrence of the day within a month. For example, payday might be the last Friday of every month. Or, a meeting might be scheduled for every second Monday of the month.

Excel doesn't have a function that can calculate these types of dates, but it's possible to create a formula. In the figure below, the formula in cell D4 calculates the date based on the parameters in column C. The formula in D4 is:


This formula is not always accurate, however. If you specify a day number that doesn't exist (for example, the 6th Friday), it returns a date in the following month.

Cell D6 contains a modified formula that displays "(none)" if the date isn't in the month specified. This formula is much longer:


In some cases, you might need to determine the last occurrence of a day in a particular month. This calculation requires a different formula (refer to the figure below):


In this figure, the formula in cell D10 displays the date of the last Friday in March, 2008.

The download file for this tip contains another example that has an easy-to-use interface. The user can select the parameters from drop-down lists. The megaformula in the Calculated Date column is very complex because it needs to covert words into values.

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