Determining If A Range Is Contained In A Range

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In some situations, you may need to determine if a particular range is contained within another range. For example, you may need to determine if the active cell is in a particular range.

The InRange function, listed below, accepts two arguments (both Range objects). The function returns True if the first range is contained in the second range. Notice that the function checks to make sure that the two range arguments are contained in the same sheet and in the same workbook.

You can use the InRange function in your VBA code, or in a worksheet function.

The InRange Function

The VBA code for the InRange function is listed below.

Function InRange(rng1, rng2) As Boolean
'   Returns True if rng1 is a subset of rng2
    InRange = False
    If rng1.Parent.Parent.Name = rng2.Parent.Parent.Name Then
        If rng1.Parent.Name = rng2.Parent.Name Then
            If Union(rng1, rng2).Address = rng2.Address Then
                InRange = True
            End If
        End If
    End If
End Function

An Example

Listed below is a simple example that uses the InRange function. The subroutine prompts the user to select a range, and then checks the range using the InRange function. If the user's selection is not within A1:E20, the prompt appears again.

Sub Test()
    Dim ValidRange As Range, UserRange As Range
    Dim SelectionOK As Boolean
    Set ValidRange = Range("A1:E20")
    SelectionOK = False
    On Error Resume Next

    Do Until SelectionOK = True
        Set UserRange = Application.InputBox(Prompt:="Select a range", Type:=8)
        If TypeName(UserRange) = "Empty" Then Exit Sub
        If InRange(UserRange, ValidRange) Then
            MsgBox "The range is valid."

            SelectionOK = True
            MsgBox "Select a range within " & ValidRange.Address
        End If
End Sub

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