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The Spreadsheet Page - PUP v7 VBA Source Code

About the VBA Source Code

As an option, licensed users of PUP v7 can purchase the complete VBA source code for an additional $20.00.

You'll learn how PUP v7 works, and you'll pick up dozens of new programming techniques along the way. The PUP source code is an excellent learning tool for VBA programmers of all levels. Even advanced programmers will probably pick up lots of new techniques.

What do you get?

If you purchase the PUP v7 Developer's Package ($60.00), you receive an end-user license for PUP, plus a PDF document that describes how to access all of the VBA source code for PUP v7.

The Software License Agreement

Follow the link below to read the Software License Agreement for the PUP Source Code option.

What can you do with it?

The VBA source code is available primarily for educational purposes.

The utilities in PUP v7 cover a wide range of applications. Studying a particular utility can provide you with new insights for developing your own Excel applications. Or, you might want to customize a particular PUP utility to better meet your needs. In either case, there's an excellent chance that you'll learn something about VBA that you didn't know before.

What can't you do with it?

  • You may not give or sell the source code (or password) to anyone else.
  • You may not use the PUP v7 source code to create commercial applications.
  • You may not use the PUP source code to create add-ins that are used within your company -- unless every end-user also has a PUP license.

The PUP license is actually very simple: Anyone who uses PUP must be a licensed user. And this includes using applications that are derived from PUP.

If you have any questions about using PUP source code, please contact sales@j-walk.com.


PUP v7 was created using Visual Basic For Applications. VBA is the programming language built into Excel and many of the other Microsoft Office applications. PUP v7 uses no DLL files, and no non-standard controls. In other words, PUP v7 was designed for maximum compatibility.

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