Power Utility Pak v7.2

The Spreadsheet Page - PUP v7 Removed Features

Removed Features

Following is a list of features that were present in PUP v6, but have been removed from PUP v7.

  • Create a PUP Toolbar
    Support for custom toolbars in Excel 2007 and later is extremely limited. You can, however, easily add frequently-used PUP commands to your Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Chart Shortcut Menus
    Excel 2007 no longer supports custom shortcut menus for charts, so if you choose the PUP Enhanced Shortcut menu options, right-clicking a chart will have no new menu items.
  • Toggle FaceID Toolbar
    This feature, intended for Excel developers, is no longer useful in Excel 2007.
  • Interactive Zoom
    Zooming a worksheet is now a simple matter, using the Zoom controls in the Excel status bar.
  • Object Hide/Unhide
    Excel's new Selection and Visibility pane makes this utility obsolete.
  • Insert Symbol
    Excel's Insert Symbol tool is much better.
  • Add Path to Header or Footer
    This utility is obsolete because Excel has this feature.
  • PUP Worksheet Functions
    Removed two functions because they are not relevant for Excel 2007 and later: CELLCOLORINDEX and CELLFONTCOLOR.
  • Currency Conversion
    Removed from PUP v7.2.
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