Power Utility Pak v7.2

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Other PUP Features

This document describes additional features in PUP v7.

Power Utility Pak Group

PUP Shortcut Menus

As an option, you can choose to display enhanced shortcut menus. You can quickly turn this feature on and off from the PUP v7 Ribbon.

  • Worksheet Cell, Range, Column, or Row: IMPROVED
    Adds the following menu items: Print selection, Toggle Word Wrap, Change Case, Format Number, Center Across Selection, Quick Chart, Synchronize Sheets, toggle PUP InfoBox, and toggle page break display (new)
  • Excel Desktop:
    Adds the following menu items: Minimize All Windows, Tile Windows, Activate a Window, Interactive Hide/Unhide
  • Sheet Tab:
    Adds the following menu items: Sort Sheet Tabs, Delete Empty Sheets, Activate a Sheet, Interactive Hide/Unhide, Hide Sheet.
  • Workbook Title Bar:
    Adds the following menu items: Toggle Vertical Scroll Bar, Toggle Horizontal Scroll Bar, Toggle Grid Lines, Toggle Row and Column Headers, Toggle Sheet Tabs, Toggle R1C1 Reference Style, Hide 'Windows.


  • Video Poker:IMPROVED
    Choose from Joker's Wild or Jacks or Better. You can also change the payoffs for the various poker hands. The win/loss chart is now displayed in a pop-up dialog box.
  • Dice Game:
    Similar to Triple Yahtzee. With an option to have four rolls per turn instead of three (your scores will sky-rocket).
  • Bomb Hunt:
    Works just like Microsoft's Minesweeper.
  • Hangman:
    The classic word-guessing game. Includes 4,200 words.
  • Sudoku Puzzle Generator:NEW
    Generates a 9x9 Sudoku puzzle (with solution).
  • Random Number Generator:
    Choose a random number between two specified values. Animated display of the numbers being chosen. Great for office raffles and drawings.
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