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PUP v7 Features

PUP v7 is the most comprehensive set of Excel add-in tools available.

  • PUP augments Excel with more than 70 general purpose Excel utilities and 53 worksheet functions. You also get six non-serious amusements, for when you need a break from number-crunching.
  • Easy-to-use tab-and-ribbon user interface integrates seamlessly with Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.
  • Includes options to:

    • Remember the last settings used in PUP dialog boxes
    • Display the most recently used PUP dialog box (by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R)
    • Display a graphic progress indicator for lengthy operations
  • An auto-unload option for improved memory management (you specify the maximum number of utility files to keep in memory).
  • Single-level Undo is available for most of the operations.
  • The VBA code for PUP Worksheet functions can easily be inserted into any workbook (eliminating the need for external links). PUP v7 is not required to use these functions, so you can share your workbook with others who don't have a PUP license.
  • Detailed context-sensitive help .
  • You can add frequently used PUP commands to your Quick Access Toolbar.
  • And it's a great learning tool. The complete VBA source code is available for a very modest fee (US $20).


More about the specific features available in PUP v7:

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