Power Utility Pak v7.2

The Spreadsheet Page - PUP v7 Documentation

Download the PUP v7 User's Manual

The link below is to the 120-page PUP v7 User's Manual, in Adobe PDF format. This document contains the same information as the Main Help File for PUP v7, but in a different format.

Viewing or printing the PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which may already be installed on your system. If not, you can download a free copy here. To save the PDF file (rather than read it online), right-click the link and choose Save Target As (or Save Link As).

Download the Help files

PUP v7 is well-documented, with context-sensitive help. The PUP v7 Help files are available as a separate download. These are *.chm files (compiled HTML Help files). To download a file, right-click the link below and choose Save Target As or Save Link As. After the file is transferred to your hard drive, you can double-click it to view the contents using the Windows HTML Help viewer (hh.exe).

Note: Both of these files are included with PUP v7, so if you've already downloaded the product there is no need to download these Help files.

Can't read the CHM file?

Some users have reported that they can't open the *.chm files. The most likely cause is that *.chm files are blocked for security reasons. To unblock a *.chm file, right-click its filename, and choose Properties from the shortcut menu. If the Properties dialog box has a Security tab, click that tab and unblock the file.

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