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Purchase the VBA Password

The Enhanced Data Form is a free add-in, written entirely in VBA. The VBA project is protected, but the password is available for a small fee. Accessing the VBA source will allow you to customize the add-in. Or, you may want to view the code to learn how it works. Many users have reported that studying this code is an excellent way to learn some useful programming techniques.


  • The price is U.S. $15.00. 
  • You are ordering the password only. This assumes that you have already downloaded the Enhanced Data Form v3 add-in.
  • When you order the password, you will download a zip file that contains a PDF file with the password and additional information that describes how the program works.
  • The password is the same for the v3a (Excel 97-2003) and v3b (Excel 2007).
  • It is important to understand that you must be familiar with VBA in order to make use of the code in this add-in.


If you purchased the password for a previous version of the J-Walk Enhanced Data Form, that password will not work with v3.

Remember, the product itself is free. Access to the VBA source code requires a small fee, and discounted upgrades are not available for this product. However, the version 3 password fee has been reduced by $5.

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