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The table below compares the J-Walk Enhanced Data Form with Excel's built-in Data Form*.

Feature J-Walk
Enhanced Data Form 3
Excel's Built-In
Data Form
Works with any database table in any worksheet Yes Yes
Available in the Excel 2007 Ribbon Yes, in the Data tab No. But it can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar.
Maximum number of fields (columns) Unlimited 32
Sizable Yes. You can specify the height and width. If the size is too small, the dialog box fields will scroll.

In addition, the user can drag the lower right corner to size the dialog box.

Sizes automatically, based on the widest column and number of fields. In some cases, the dialog box may be larger than the entire screen!
Change the width of the field labels Yes No
Highlights the current record in the worksheet? Yes. This makes it very easy to see the actual record that you are editing. No
Option to display fields as either a Text Box or a drop-down Combo Box? Yes. This makes it possible to choose data from a list of items. No, all data is displayed in a Text Box.
Displays the current record at start-up? Yes No. Always displays the first record.
Selects the current record when the form is closed? Yes No. The worksheet selection is not changed.
Allows insertion of a new record at any row position? Yes No. New records are always appended to the end of the database.
Undo available? Yes Limited
Language customization? Yes. Those who purchase the VBA password can easily change the text displayed in the Enhanced Data Form. No
Handles the apostrophe "prefix character" correctly? Yes No. For example, editing a 16-digit credit card number preceded by an apostrophe will cause the credit card number to be converted to a value (with one digit lost).
VBA source code available for customization or learning purposes? Yes, for a nominal fee. No. Excel's Data Form is not written in VBA.

* In Excel 2007, Microsoft does not include a direct way to access the built-in data form. To use the built-in data form you must add an icon to your Quick Access Toolbar. Right-click the QAT and choose Customize the Quick Access Toolbar. Then choose Commands Not in the Ribbon from the listbox, and and click Form. Click the Add button to add the icon to your QAT.

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