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 Fan Mail From Texas

Another one for the "Fan Mail" category. An Excel user from Texas writes:

I think your work is awesome. You have single-handedly taught me how to write a very comprehensive user application that has lead to a nice fat salary increase. I knew nothing of VBA before I bought your book your book in October. Seriously, nothing. I am very proficient in the Excel application, used it for years for patient tracking and such (I am a nurse by trade, but somehow morphed into a Clinical Trial Research Budget and Contract analyst - whatever that means) but have never used VBA and certainly didn't know where to start.

I created some excel spreadsheets that my entire institution uses (I work for the largest cancer center in the country. I telecommute.)

Your guidance, examples, fabulously well written book, and website have allowed me over the last 2 months to create a user application utilized by all of doctors, research administrators, research nurses, billing & finance and VPs alike related to over 4,000 clinical trials! I have now written over 50 macros in this short amount of time. I swear it amazes me .

I feel forever in your debt . You're like my Excel Hero.

I like a name with a face so here is me. You can see who you have helped!

That's the first fan mail I've received that included a photo. To protect her privacy, I will not post it. But she's an attractive, young brunette who knows a good book when she sees one.

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