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 E-Mail From Janet

I got a nice email from Janet, who works in the utility industry:

My life's motto is that I can take a pile of um....er.....dung and make something out of it.

Apparently, my employer is aware of this because they threw me into a job of compiling data from various spreadsheets.  I need to format this conglomeration into a nice looking and accurate report.

The only experience I had with formulas was the SUM and COUNTA functions. Pitiful!

I put on my job performance review that using formulas and macros was something I would like to learn in the future.  They took me at my word and threw me in the pool before I learned how to swim! I am surrounded by books and print outs from MS Help.  However, I find that I can find answers to most of my problems from your Excel 2003 Formulas book.

The Index is easy to use and it is written in a clear, concise manner, without using words that try to dazzle and impress me.  I don't want to be impressed, I just want to get my spreadsheets to work.

You have helped this old dinosaur keep myself current in my workplace.  I have been working here since 1982 and want to get 30 years in.

Thanks for all your help, Mr. Walkenbach!!

I'm glad you found my book helpful, Janet.

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