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 David Thanks Me

Sure, I could just fabricate these fan mails. But you'll have to trust me that they are true. The latest, from Dave:

Just wanted to say thanks for PUP v7 and your great books.

I'm working, before Superbowl, on workgroup app for video game company where I work. Struggled with some range selection syntax. Was completely wrong in approach. Looked at your range selections.xlsm, from Excel 2007 Power Programming with VBA, found elegant solution just perusing your role model quality code.

Saved me time, aggro, Advil, possibly a stiff drink.

Thanks for everything for over a decade of real, serious, no bs, hard core help for Excel developers. You're a champ. And you have excellent taste in baseball hats.

Thanks, Dave. That email made my day. Especially the part about the baseball hats. Reward yourself with a stiff drink.

Permalink | Posted in Fan Mail on 03 February, 2009 7:50pm

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